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I'm the Banker's Wife. AKA Dr. Peterson. 

Most mornings you will find me here, mostly likely wearing a caftan, with my feet propped up on the railing and my laptop on my lap. In my other life, I work as a linguist at the University of Helsinki. You can read more about that here:

It turns out that some of my friends are worried about me referring to myself as "the Banker's Wife" in this blog. I promise that this name is a joke; it is meant as irony. The explanation behind the name is told in this post about meeting our neighbor for the first time. For the record, I am a determined feminist who goes by Dr. Peterson in other contexts.

Why this house, why this blog? All I can say is that COVID has been hard, and it made us want to get out of our city apartment and its four walls. We are not alone. This reinvigoration of rural life has been well documented, for example in this piece from The New Yorker. 


We have not quit our city life, because we are fortunate enough to have both. When we come to Bastubacka, we enter another realm. The stress of editing deadlines, student emails, conference calls on Zoom and book chapters all melts away. Those things are waiting for us in the city. 

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