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More moving, more improvements

Another backbreaking day of moving furniture to and fro, up and down, back and forth. But look at the results!


This round table was one of three items we picked up yesterday from the local flea market. I polished it up with some linseed oil but still decided to put a table cloth over it. The two chairs were left in the house when we moved in. I love how the ensemble looks in the light, and I can't wait to have breakfast here in the winter, looking out toward the sea.

This upcycled cupboard was sitting in a dark corner of our Helsinki apartment, so we decided to bring it here. I think it looks okay, but it could look better. It's a bit too busy and cluttered looking next to the wood burning oven, like some kind of gravitational pull toward this corner of the kitchen. Besides, I am not sure it's safe to have the cupboard so close to the oven. We'll probably move it to the other side of the kitchen, which means more steps to fetch things during cooking, but ... aesthetics first.

This photo also shows our indoor water system: buckets and scoops. The sandwich press, electric tea kettle, mortar and pestle and the bread ... what do you call that thing? A bread paddle? These were all left behind by the previous owners.

Living room

The living room is the least finished of all the rooms. The only furniture left in it when we arrived at the house was an IKEA sofa bed. Yesterday we carried in an antique secretary desk we had at our apartment in Helsinki. I don't love it in this space, but it'll do for now. Eventually we will carry it upstairs.

The best new piece we put in yesterday was this massive antique chest we bought from a friend. The paint is peeling off, it looks a fright, we nearly broke our backs carrying it, but look how beautiful it is.

A date and signature inside the lid says "1798" and "FMS." Who knows if that date is true, but it could be.


There is a lot to do to get our sleeping areas ready. I spent the better part of the afternoon putting together this sweet sleeping space for the girls. The beds are from IKEA, and everything else was salvaged from around the house. Eventually I'll add some dust ruffles, curtains and better accoutrements, but it's okay for now.

(Seriously, you've got to love the natural light in this house.)

We don't have any walls in the sleeping area yet, so I set up this kind of camp-style curtain to offer a bit of privacy.

I know it looks ridiculous, but I kind of like it. I have always had bits and bobs of fabric hanging around in closets and drawers, and now I can put them to use. There is a bit of yellow brocade I bought years ago at a fabric store close out, an old linen curtain, and a cheap green bedspread from IKEA. Eclectic, for sure. The green chest in the corner of the bedroom is another acquisition from the local flea market.

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